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Some considerations about the social movement in France
Strikes, public protests, freezing of nation's economy had led to the generalization of a simple principle: - The Labour Code contained applicable standards in all industries benefitting all employees. - A collective agreement could not contain provisions below those of the Labour Code. - A company agreement could not prevail over a collective agreement.
US Customs wants to collect social media account names at the border
Your Twitter handle may soon be part of the US visa process.
Far-right demonstrators take to streets demanding repatriation of immigrants in wake of Brexit
A tense stand-off took place in Newcastle city centre as groups defending refugees gathered to oppose the demo arranged by the English Defence League











  • Do you know who I am?
    Watch British Muslim youth explain how they feel in 2015 UK Since the terrifying attacks on Paris in November there’s been a huge spike in attacks on British Muslims, with over 115 recorded in a single week during that month, including a petrol bomb being thrown into a mosque in East London. On the streets, those targeted are mostly young female Muslims, women wearing hijab. Read the full article here: A film by Camilla Mathis Production Manager Thomas Gorton Interviews by Ruqaiya Mian Director of Photography Beatriz Sastre Focus Puller Rich Savage Color Grade Hans Lo Special thank you to Cameraworks Shoreditch
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  • Do you feel part of a common European identity?
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