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Blockupy 2013 - The Frankfurt police encirclement on 1st of June, 2013

February 13, 2015

The registered association Komitee für Grundrechte und Demokratie e.V. (Committee for Fundamental Rights and Democracy) published last year their report and evaluation on the happenings regarding the Blockupy demonstration 2013. Unfortunately, they could only publish it in German. The EIHRC obtained the rigth to republish it in English. Regarding the March 18, 2015 expected recurrent protests, the EIHRC believes its important to disseminate the report to a wider audience.

Since its establishment, the effects of the Troika policy, consisting of IMF, ECB and EU Commission caused at different levels deep cuts in human rights in Europe. This was particularly the case in southern Europe. The first founded in Germany, but now transnational established Blockupy Alliance, has put at the core of their protest with partially other arguments such circumstances to. From the beginning, the protest of this alliance had to deal with state repression. Freedom of assembly in Germany has been repeatedly restricted in this context by state bodies and partly ignored completely.

„Germany, which promotes the values of democracy and freedom worldwide, should become a better example. It is not acceptable, that up to now no German officials shall bear legal consequences for these series of violations of the law.“- says Thomas Occupy, EIHRC spokesperson.

Concerning the initiators of the report, the Committee for Fundamental Rights is a nonprofit organization that aims to proclaim on the one hand current violations of human rights and stand up for those, whose rights have been violated (eg in the context of so-called demonstration offenses, judicial arbitrariness, discrimination, prohibitions, xenophobia, total denial of asylum and refugee policy) and on the other hand, also track down injuries that arent immediately visible and invested in the social structures and developments (structural concept of human rights).

Regarding the report and translation, we have tried our best to translate the document into English sentence by sentence. As a result, it is sometimes quite complex, the syntax of both languages beeing quite different in the actual use of the language. We recommend to all German readers to order this report only for 7 €uro. (

A short overview of the report: On June 1, 2013, the City of Frankfurt prevented a mass demonstration. The police attacked the demonstrators and kettled nearly a thousand demonstrators over nine hours. We drew up a report on the two days of protest - from the imaginative and self-determined protest on Friday up to the events in and outside of the kettle on Saturday. The main features of the state is dealing with the protest and have to be placed in the context of the fundamental right of assembly and freedom of expression and measured using the „Brokdorf decision“ of the Constitutional Court. The political, police and "scientific" reasons the police approach are evaluated as a fundamental right. The book will encourage them to continue the struggle for the right to protest, let alone on the streets and in the courts.

Read the full report: